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My Saint

The tradition of taking a saint’s name in Confirmation is an ancient practice in the church. The patron saint becomes a role model for the person, and an example of how the Gospel can be lived in a practical way. In many Catholic countries today, a saint’s name day is celebrated instead of a birthday. Saints are heroes of the faith who lived their lives as examples of faith, hope, and love.

It is recommended that the Confirmation Saint name is the same Saint name that was used at your Baptism.

Candidates will select a Confirmation name and complete a report on their Confirmation name. The Confirmation name chosen is the name by which the candidates will be presented to the Bishop at Confirmation. Males are advised to pick a male saint and females a female saint.

Requirements of the Saint:

Must be a Roman Catholic recognized Saint

You may not use any Blessed people such as Blessed Mother Teresa only Canonized Saints

You may use St. Damien of Molokai (not yet canonized, but recognized as a saint)

If you would like to use Our Blessed Mother Mary as your Saint -you must use the name of “Mary Mother of God.” You can’t use any names such as “Our Lady Of…” etc.

All reports need to be one page typed, include your name, and all of the following:

The name of the Saint I have chosen as my Confirmation Patron Saint is…

When you did your research on this Saint, what things did you learn about this person’s life? 

When and where did they live? 

How did they become a Saint?

In reading about this Saint, what do YOU think was this person’s best quality?

I think the most interesting thing about this Saint is …

Knowing about this Saint will help influence me to lead a better Christian life because …

My reason for choosing this name is…




There are tons of saints, and almost as many resources to find out about them and their lives. Take some time to research some saints before you decide on your name. Ask friends or family who their favorite saint is, or browse through some books or websites.

Catholic Online 

Patron Saints Index

Catholic Information Network

At the time of the Anointing, the Bishop expects to hear the name of the particular saint you have chosen please use their full and complete name.  Spanish language name may be used.  Males are advised to pick a male saint and females a female saint.

Examples of using their full and complete names are as follows:

Correct namesIncorrect names

Francis of AssisiFrancis

John the EvangelistJohn

Therese of LisieuxTherese